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April 2016: June dates announced for Masters, Open and Courage Cup

International fields for both the Open and Masters. The Slags v Taggs (Courage Cup) is back on. Home advantage is with the Slags this time. Expect a titanic struggle of epic proportions.

More soon ...

2015: Masters

What the Fuck Dork ?

2014: Masters

What the Fuck Dork ?

June 2014: Beneriano wins 3rd Open

Beneriano hung tough to triumph in the Open when all others failed or choked.

More about the Open

Courage Cup V

2011-2016 End of Year Rankings

Dork is top slag once again. Ballesteroids drops his bundle and Wankov is 8th with a bullet.



The likeness of some is uncanny .

Do you remember the rude boy days ... ?

if so, Slags needs you !

We are not really sure what happened between the years 1998 and 2005. If any slag can shed light on the subject please let us know. Thinking about it, it's probably more 2001-2004, plus we are pretty sure that there was no 1998 event.